How Ecommerce stores made shopping convenient for all of us

Online stores are there in almost every region around the world. You get almost every product on the internet. Irrespective of the size of the business every company is taking the initiative to improve its online presence. If you want to compete in the international arena then you cannot survive without an online store. Even if you want to focus on a specific target market then build an e-commerce store that is optimized for that specific region. You can always opt for search engine optimization as it can help you in improving the presence of your online store.

The popularity of online stores

E-commerce stores are not only limited to developed countries but they are significantly in demand in developing countries as well. Distance is not a barrier anymore as people from Asia can easily buy products listed on a store in the US. Stores like Amazon make sure that people can order from any region and the product is delivered safely.

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Another advantage of an online store is that people can buy quality products at discounted prices. There are regular discounts available on e-commerce stores that are beneficial for the sellers as well as the buyers. Today there are stores that have made shipping free as this works in the favor of the customers. There are tricks that can help in attracting customers without compromising profitability. If you live in Elkhart and you are in search of “furnace repair Elkhart, IN” then you can easily get in touch with Elkhart Heating and AC.

Efficient logistics

While sending products to the customers the biggest worry is shipping the products. If you take the help of efficient online stores like Amazon then you can stay relaxed about the logistics. People can easily list products on Amazon by creating a profile with Amazon and start listing their products.


Why every business needs to start selling online?

Retailers are considering e-commerce strategy more than ever in the present market condition. Small businesses need to be innovative as meeting the demands of present day customer can be a challenge. Modern CRMs and online selling tools bring everyone on the same scale as it reduces the gap between large and medium organizations. Digitization is a process that helps in marketing the products with ease.

Less investment

Building an online store does not require a high degree of investment. There are platforms that guide you to build your online store on your own. Though you might need the help of web developers but the cost is lesser than maintaining any physical store. Well built CRMs require less investment and you get enough opportunity to use the platform to market your products.

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Manage from anywhere

Owners of Ecommerce store have the flexibility to manage their website from any part of the world. You can process orders even if you are on a vacation. This is the biggest advantage of having an Ecommerce store. When you have a physical store it becomes difficult to go out on vacations. The tension of serving customers through physical stores does not let the owners to go out for vacations. A person residing in Asia can easily manage an online store situated in the US.

Customer support

You don’t have enough option to provide customer support to people facing issues while shopping in a mall. As compared to a mall, when it comes to an online store, owners have enough option to provide customer support. There are live chat options available that can provide support to the customers for any problem.

It is high time that you start your own online store. Use the internet and give your store a personalized brand name.


The Evolution of E-Commerce

The idea of E-Commerce was first conceived during the initial years of Videotex, when people realized the need for transmitting interactive content to television sets. Researchers started working on this idea during the early 1960s, and the proposition of electronic trade finally matured when Michael Aldrich from Redifon Computers came out with the business plan of teleshopping.

Videotexting online service began in 1982 in France by means of telephone cables, however, this model never witnessed success in the UK. It happened to be a grand success until the World Wide Web came into existence.

The Videotex scientists working with solutions like “Compuserve” and “The Source” in 1979 created Swreg in 1987, which was made to be born out of a desire to carve out a customer-oriented payment processing solution, and whose intended users will be shareware authors and software developers. The Swerg enabled the first ever online marketplace for the community of developers.

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One CERN-scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, coded the world’s first ever web client called the WorldWideWeb browser in 1990; which transformed almost all research methods and the various ways of trade practices. Netscape launched the world’s first ever GUI (graphical user interface) browser known as the Netscape Navigator in 1994, where the user can type a human-readable address to go to a web page. People started using for various tasks; such as navigating stock prices, ordering pizzas online, or exploring numerous products available online.

The online transactions and trades compelled every enterprise to have a “com” type domain (.com). The first iteration of the Netscape browser came with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to ensure secure online transactions. Amazon started selling everything online, and programmer Pierre Omidyar founded E-bay, i.e., the virtual auction house.

The postal department of the US went online, and several business takeovers took place in the technological sector. Finally, the Dot Com bubble got busted in 2000 with the fated crashing of tech-stocks. Paypal came into existence to handle the monetary transactions online. When money was involved in doing business over the internet “PayPal” was launched and practically has a share of 70% to date, it provides a facility for online payment.

The extremely competitive electronic market gave way to the novel and innovative strategies like discount codes for increasing the online market outreach and also for the retention of the present clientele.



How online stores changed the concept of buying products?

Digital platforms have changed the lifestyle of every consumer around the Globe. Contextual relevance along with efficient connectivity makes an online store the most preferred medium for buying any product. Online shopping provides more benefits when compared to offline shopping. It has revolutionized the approach of the modern day buyer.

Improved flexibility

Online shopping gives more flexibility to browse through the products. E-commerce stores act as online malls where one can check every product from the comfort of their home. Well known E-commerce websites like Amazon sell just everything and the buyer gets enough options to buy the product of his or her choice.

Customer Feedback

Offline stores rarely give you access to the feedback of previous customers. When it comes to online stores you can easily check the testimonials provided by previous customers and decide which product is the best for you. Even sellers get the option to prove that they have a good client base by asking for a feedback from every customer.

Online Shopping

Global Reach

Almost every seller wants to have a Global reach in order to serve people from different regions of the world. Whether you’re a startup or an existing company you should start focusing on creating an online presence without any delay. Only a branded online store can help you get more sales from your target customer.


Modern day customers prefer convenience and peace of mind while shopping. Buying from the comfort of their home and trendy range of products improve convenience for the buyers. In physical shopping, buyers have to browse through a limited range of products. But when it comes to online shopping there is no limitation to the variety of products. If you don’t get a particular product in one store then you always have the option to visit another online store right from the comfort of your home.