Affiliate marketing types

Affiliate marketing has been so popular in the recent time due to the change of the ways we are shopping. In this recent time, people prefer to go online rather that to go the shop. This way made Anik Singal find the idea to get much money and become the rich people. He obtained $10 million dollars through the affilite marketing system and get free from the debt he was obtained during his bankruptcy.

Perhaps, they are many people who know that the affiliate marketing is only done by the method “pay per sale”. In fact, there are many types of online marketing which the affiliate marketer can do to earn money from the internet. Here are some types of affliate marketing:

– Pay per sale

Pay per sale means that you will earn money if there is someone who buys the products of the merchant. Commonly, this way or method are used in affiliate marketing because of the mutual benefits that the affiliate marketer and affiliate merchant get.

– Pay per click

Pay per click means that if there is someone who click the webstite, you will get money. Generally, pay per click is aimed to improve the rating of affiliate merchant who wants the merchant website emerges in the first page of search engine due to the higher traffic, then by taking pay per click, the merchant will get the potential customers who will buy their products.

– Cost per action

Cost per action is the affiliate program that will pay you if there is someone who click the website or advertisement, and then do the action by the filling the forms with their names or emails.

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