Are You Afraid of Watching Horror Movies? Try This Tip

One of the strengths of a horror movie is in the music and the sound effect. So, you can overcome your fear by simply trying to reduce noise or close your ears while watching the movie or nonton movie.

When you are watching a horror movie without sound, it can be guaranteed that the terrible aura of the movie would be able to be drastically reduced. You can try it by turning the horror film into a silent mode and replace the music with other types of music, the musical comedy for example. Instead of being terrified, you will be laughing alone. Now you can apply this trick when you have to face a horror movie.

If you are watching at home, you can just turn down the volume so that you will not be easily shocked. If you are watching it in the cinema, you can just diligently shut your ears when it comes to the scene full with creepy sound effects. You can also stuff your ears with earphones if you want.