The factors of water damage that you should know

The water damage is one of the most problematic issues in many countries around the world. Not only that the damaged water won’t be drinkable anymore, the water damage can cause a lot of other problems as well. That’s why if you’ve got a water damage in your area, you can call the H2O-R immediately, in order to hire the best water damage company in the business. Not only that water damage has a lot of negative effects, it also has a lot of factors that can make it happens. It’s important for you to know about the factors of water damage in order to prevent it.

Here are the factors of water damage that you should know:

1. The use of explosive to catch the fish

It’s true that catching the fish with the explosive will help the fishermen to make a lot more profit, but the consequences of this method are severe. The river or sea ecosystem will be damaged, there are a lot of corals will die if it has been used on the sea, and there are some fishes that can be extinct as well. It’s not a wise choice to use the explosive to catch some fishes, there are other ways that will make a lot of profit for the responsible fishermen as well.

2. Water pollution due to trash

Trash won’t just disturb the beauty of the water ecosystem, it will endanger every species that living in the certain water ecosystem as well. For example, the sea turtle has a bad vision, so it can’t differentiate between a jellyfish with a plastic bag. There are a lot of sea turtles that have been found died, and after the dead turtles have been dissected, there are a lot of plastic bags that have been found inside of their digestive system.

3. The excessive pollutant and nutrient on the water

There are a lot of irresponsible factories and industries out there, that have been cause countless environmental damage. It’s beyond important for all of the owners of gargantuan factories and industries to take a real action before it’s too late. This is very important for them to realize their mistakes, it’s because when all of the natural resources have been disappeared, the money isn’t edible.